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Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students

A national study has revealed that many of today's high school students think the First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees, and are more accepting of government censorship than adults. The study also found, however, that students have a greater appreciation and understanding of the First Amendment when it is included in their educational curriculums.

This page provides information about resources for teaching about the Bill of Rights and current threats to civil liberties. We hope these resources will assist educators trying to include such issues in their classrooms. Please send any suggestions for additions to

Choose resources for teaching the following topics:

The Constitution and Bill of Rights

Civil liberties and the USA PATRIOT Act

Countering stereotypes and discrimination against Arab Americans

Resources for teaching the Constitution and Bill of Rights:

BORDC Lesson Plans

Other Lesson Plans

Other Resources

Constitution Day Resources

For Bill of Rights Day:


Resources for teaching civil liberties and the USA PATRIOT Act: