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Fundamentals of Building a State Resolution

Depending on the political conditions in your state, choose one of the following tracks for a state resolution campaign:

Optimum Conditions

  • Regular schedule of citizen lobbyists at the legislature and two to three Lobby Days
  • Major endorsements from labor, religious, library, school, political parties, and other groups like the League of Women Voters
  • Group of grassroots representatives from various parts of the state who can organize day to day
  • Endorsing groups let you use their email lists to contact people throughout the state for various events
  • Well-organized Phone Tree
  • Statewide petition with thousands of signatures
  • Statewide coalition made up of representatives from each part of the state, who have met at least once in person to begin to build trust.


  • At least one or two Lobby Days, and modest schedule of citizen lobbyists from around the state
  • Major endorsements from a handful of civic, religious, and political groups
  • A core of grassroots organizers teamed with professional lobbyist allies who can organize day to day
  • Endorsing groups will forward your messages to their lists on a regular basis
    Basic Phone Tree
  • Statewide petition coupled with local petitions from all communities that have passed resolutions, with hundreds of signatures
  • A core of grassroots activists from various parts of the state meeting by conference call

Bare Minimum

  • At least one Lobby Day and occasional visits to the legislature by citizen lobbyists from around the state
  • A few endorsements from a few statewide groups
  • A few volunteers, with a connection to a lobbyist at the Legislature, with consistent, but not daily organization
  • Endorsing groups will occasionally make an announcement for an important event
  • A few volunteers willing to make calls when really necessary
  • An alternate of showing support from the state’s populace – either abundant emails and phone calls and visits from around the state to legislators or good attendance at lobby days and committee hearings.
  • A few grassroots activists from one or two major cities, checking in through email and phone calls.

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