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How You Can Help BORDC Restore the Rule of Law

BORDC is political organizing at its best. It gives ordinary people concrete ways to get involved in the struggle for justice in the wake of 9/11. It deserves our support. --Professor David Cole, Georgetown University Law Center, Legal Affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine 

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Raise your voice online

Take action without leaving your chair! Sign your name to a petition or send an email to a key government official. Join the chorus of Americans calling for the restoration of our constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties.

See our online action opportunities.

But don't stop there...

Join an affinity group

The People's Campaign for the Constitution recently launched our first national affinity groups, and they're off to a great start. Our legal professionals group has three projects currently underway:

  • Seeking transparency into fusion centers by using state FOIA and Sunshine laws
  • Promoting executive accountability for torture by developing and enacting local ordinances asserting jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute torture, filing ethics complaints in state bar associations against former government lawyers complicit in torture, and offering opportunities for the public to support those complaints.
  • Public education by organizing volunteers to write op-eds, letters to the editor, or blog posts

To get involved in the legal professionals group, see their current volunteer opportunities.

Our educators affinity group also has three projects underway:

  • Developing lesson plans and interactive teaching tools for K-12 teachers and students connecting civics, history and language arts curriculum to current events and issues.
  • Developing a report for policymakers on behalf of teachers concerned about how school security measures impact students, their expectations of privacy, and our constitutional culture.
  • Forming a teacher peer network to assist teachers in navigating complex policy-related situations

The PCC also organizes affinity groups for health professionals, clergy and religious lay-leaders, and students. These groups are currently under development and seek motivated members to play a coordinating role among their colleagues.

Learn about the PCC affinity groups and join an affinity group today.

Start a local campaign

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee has developed the following local campaigns, which allow individual municipalities to do what the federal government will not: protect law-abiding Americans' liberty and privacy, and hold accountable government officials complicit in torture.

Organize a campaign in your community.

Contact the BORDC organizing team for more information.

Build the People's Campaign for the Constitution in your community

The People's Campaign for the Constitution organizes concerned individuals to take action in their own communities. The PCC toolkit includes step-by-step guidance, as well as supporting materials, to help you build a movement in your community. The toolkit can help you:

  1. Reach out to people you know, and build a local campaign and plan further outreach
  2. Build a coalition from across the political spectrum by promoting the campaign and creating a dialogue
  3. Hold representatives accountable by holding Town Halls or other public forums

The toolkit includes suggestions and advice, as well as templates for fliers, brochures, social networking tools, and other educational material to better inform your community about civil liberties.

Join the People's Campaign for the Constitution.

Check out the toolkit and start organizing.

Become a volunteer researcher

BORDC is currently seeking volunteer researchers. Research projects currently in progress include:

  • identifying and collecting contact information for academics who support BORDC's positions on torture, detention, surveillance, and other issues.
  • identifying members of city councils who supported resolutions opposing the PATRIOT Act and determining their current governmental roles.
  • projects relating to each of the PCC affinity groups' respective projects.

Sign up to become a volunteer researcher.

Donate your web, design, and computer skills

BORDC's web presence is one of our key organizing tools. We're always looking for ways to make it more accessible, effective and useful for our supporters. If you have web, design, or computer skills and would be willing to volunteer your time, we have numerous projects that may interest you, including the following:

  • Supporting our fusion center transparency effort by assisting with database and wiki development
  • Designing social networking applications to help educate the public about surveillance and the rule of law
  • Developing new web technologies 
  • Updating content appearing on our websites
  • Promoting content from our sites, or The People's Blog for the Constitution

Sign up to volunteer your time and skills.

Become a guest blogger

BORDC is looking for people to join the editorial team of the People's Campaign for the Constitution blog as a guest editor. Guest editors commit to post just twice a week, on a specific day of their choice.

We are looking for volunteer bloggers to post content on designated days concerning the core rule of law issues currently facing our nation: surveillance, detention, torture, and secrecy. Posts can be as simple as a short summary of existing material, linking to the original source—or potentially more involved, featuring your original writing for review and editing by BORDC's staff.

Our interests include multimedia content, which could include YouTube videos of speeches or rallies, editorial cartoons, or anything else relating to civil liberties and the rule of law. We ultimately hope to engage your creative ideas to help inform and educate your fellow Americans. And while ideas are always welcome, what we're looking for at the moment is your time.

Check out the PCC Blog.

Sign up to become a guest blogger.

Give a guest presentation at a local school

Teaching young people about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is one of the most important ways to protect and defend the rights and freedoms they guarantee to all Americans. Volunteer to give a guest presentation at a school near you!

There are many opportunities to give a school presentation, including:

    • Constitution Day (September 17)
    • Election Day (early November)
    • Bill of Rights Day (December 15)
    • Flag Day (June 14)

Just ask the school principal or teacher whose school you'd like to visit if you can give a guest presentation on one of these days—or any other day of the year!

BORDC has developed resources for K-12 students and teachers, including lesson plans for guest presentations.

Sign up to volunteer at a school.

Donate resources to support BORDC's work

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee appreciates your support and welcomes contributions of any size and any form. Donations are fully tax deductible.

Your generosity will support BORDC's efforts to raise awareness about—and mobilize grassroots action supporting—the liberty and privacy interests that once united our nation across the political spectrum. National security policies including surveillance, detention, torture, and secrecy continue to undermine our nation's constitutional values, and will continue to drive a false consensus in Washington until an engaged, active, and diverse movement emerges to challenge it. BORDC stands on the front line of the struggle to build that movement, and invites you to join us in our compelling work.

Make a donation today.

You can also reach out to your elected officials directly about your concerns. Find your legislators' contact information.