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Dublin, California

City/Town: Dublin
County: Alameda
State: California
Congressional District: (click to contact Rep.) 11

Population (2000 Census): 29,973
Date Passed: 04/16/03

A Resolution of the City of Dublin, California

Approved by: Dublin City Council


That the city of Dublin affirms its strong opposition to terrorism, but also affirms that any efforts to end terrorism should be not be waged at the expense of the fundamental civil rights and liberties of the people of Dublin and of the United States;

That the Dublin City Council calls on all private citizens and organizations, including residents, employers, educators and business owners to demonstrate similar respect for civil rights and liberties;

That the city of Dublin calls on our United States Senators and Representatives to monitor the implementation of the USA Patriot Act and Executive Orders and to actively work for the repeal of those Acts and Orders that violate the fundamental rights and liberties enumerated in the U.S. Constitution;

That the City of Dublin calls on our United States Senators and Representatives to discourage introduction of legislation further diminishing civil rights and liberties;

That copies of this resolution be sent to the President of the United States, to our elected Federal representatives and to the Governor of California.


Community Group / Coalition: Save Our Rights (SAVOR)

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