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June 7, 2010

Reject human experimentation: Demand accountability

Please sign our letter to the attorney general today to demand accountability for human experimentation programs.

Across the history of the medical profession, no maxim has been more important than that to "do no harm." A recent report by Physicians for Human Rights has revealed that, beyond merely participating in torture—which has long been decried throughout the medical profession, as well as by religious leaders from across the spectrum of faiths—psychologists and other medical professionals working with government officials also engaged in human experimentation.

In the wake of Memorial Day, when we are called upon to honor the sacrifices of our nation's veterans, it is especially incumbent upon us to defend the legacy of WWII veterans, who fought—and died—to establish the international prohibition of torture.

It is not too late to demand that the attorney general comply with our nation's binding treaty commitments by investigating the decision-makers responsible for Bush-era human rights violations. Continuing to ignore our nation's recent past, by sweeping mounting evidence of torture under the rug, risks eroding the prohibition on torture and effectively inviting more in the future.

Please stand with us to defend the rule of law today, by adding your voice to our letter to the attorney general.


Shahid Buttar
Executive Director