Volunteer Researchers

BORDC is currently seeking volunteer researchers. Research projects include identifying academics writing about issues including torture, detention and surveillance, and collecting their contact information to support BORDC outreach efforts to college campus communities. Other projects involve identifying members of city councils around the country who supported resolutions opposing the PATRIOT Act and ascertaining whom among them still holds public office and in what capacity. Further projects are available relating to each of the PCC affinity groups' respective projects.

Contact us to volunteer as a researcher.


School Volunteers

Teaching young people about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is one of the most important ways to protect and defend the rights and freedoms they guarantee to all Americans. Volunteer to give a guest presentation at a school near you!

There are many opportunities to give a school presentation, including:

  • Constitution Day (September 17)
  • Election Day (early Novemberr)
  • Bill of Rights Day (December 15)
  • Flag Day (June 14)

Just ask the school principal or teacher whose school you'd like to visit if you can give a guest presentation on one of these days—or any other day of the year!

Contact us to volunteer in schools.