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BILL OF RIGHTS Defense Committee - Working with communities to uphold the Bill of RightsWe the People
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Sign on for Accountability for Torture

Sign on in support of torture accountability for all government officials. Add your name to our general letter or a letter addressing the unique perspective of a particular profession.

Open to All Signers

Sign this letter, open to all individuals, if you are not a member of one of the following professions.

Legal Professionals

Sign this letter if you are an attorney, judge, paralegal, law student, or other legal professional.


Sign this letter if you are a teacher, college professor, or other education professional.

Health Professionals

Sign this letter if you are a physician, psychologist, nurse, medical student, or other health professional.

Clergy & Religious Lay-Leaders

Sign this letter if you are a rabbi, imam, minister, priest, or other clergy member or religious lay-leader.

Hard copies of these letters were sent to the Attorney General and the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary Committees on June 23, 2009 (see PDFs below). The letters are still open for signatures and copies with updated signature lists may be sent later in the year.